Tuesday, January 27, 2009

25 Random Things

I've seen this "25 Random Things" thing going around Facebook. I've had fun reading them from various people, so I just decided to do me :)

1. I have become quite the tea connoisseur this winter. Anything with caffeine really upsets my tummy, and even a couple cups of decaf coffee will too...so decaf teas have become my warm winter friend! I bought this huge box of various decaf teas at Sam's, some of my favorites are blueberry, mint medley, and ginger snapish. I also like any rooibos tea- vanilla & red spice are my favorite though! 

2. I was upset when the hot water ran out very quickly during my shower today, I barely had enough to get all the shampoo out of my hair! Turns out when you have to "leave your sink running so your pipes don't freeze" it leaves little hot water for showering. Not to mention I can normally drain the hot water heater in one shower anyways...

3. Finnigan likes to play with my long hair

4. I grew up in a home where the cookie jar was rarely empty. Cookies were about the only thing I knew how to make when I met Jason!  

5. I have to have the window shades open during the day when I am home. I need sunlight/natural light to live! However 98% of the tenants in our apartment complex never open their shades?? Do people just like living in a cave? I tell Jason often that when we build our home we are going to have tons of windows!! 

6. When Vanessa & I were little we had pet gerbils. When they had babies and we had too many dad would take the babies to "the pet store to be sold" ....years later they built a Home Depot near our old house and dad remarked, "Hey they are building a Home Depot on the field where the baby gerbils live!" Shame on him. 

7. I have a weakness for cute dishes...just like my mama & sister. Mom has at least 11 sets of dishes. Vanessa & I counted once!

8. Just in the past year or so Vanessa & I have decided we wish we were from a bigger family, more siblings would've been fun. I think we'll both have more than 2 kids. :)

9. One of my favorite books is Your Prayers are Always Answered by Alexander Lake (John G. Lake's son). He made a lifetime hobby of collecting stories of answered prayers. He put some of his favorites in a book. It's a really old book, but I found my copy on half.com for $4. We have a notebook of similar accounts we are keeping for our family records. It's good to be reminded of God working in our lives! 

10. I love cute scrapbook paper...and I don't even really scrapbook anymore, but I love to have a bunch on hand for a cute card or gift (file folders, baby gifts, etc.) if needed. 

11. The guy downstairs (below us) must play the same video game multiple times a day- the only noise we ever hear from them is sounds of things exploding/shooting. It's always the same sounds so I figure it must be a video game and not regular TV.

12. Jason & I don't have a TV.  We don't have time for one, and if we had one we would make time and then there's all the stuff we don't want coming into our home. At some point we'll probably have one for movies as watching them on the laptop gets old, but not for now. 

13. I am thinking about redecorating our bedroom already. We are both ready for something new. 

14. My husband actually has quite the opinion when it comes to decorating tastes- its all the nice homes he's done work in rubbing off on him! Thankfully we have pretty similar tastes. 

15. Excel is probably my favorite "Microsoft Office" program. I keep our lives and business all together based on various lists and spreadsheets! (except I use Quickbooks for our bookkeeping). Several of my lists are "Packing for a trip" "Master Grocery List" "Books I want to/have read".

16. I love step aerobics and pilates classes! 

17. My car is named "Eva" and Jason's truck is named "Wall-E" after the movie. It's probably my favorite Pixar movie!

18. I enjoy spenging time with our grandparents and hearing about their lives and experiences (past & present).

19. Finnigan's full name is Finnigan Earl Grey. (we both love earl grey tea!) Vanessa's kitten (Finn's cousin ) is named Pippy Noel. Mom is thrilled to have two "grand-cats" Dad doesn't care. He's anxious for real grandkids...

20. I own a pair of coveralls thanks to my 14 year old brother-in-law who is now much taller than me! (Kevin has grown over 14 inches in the 2 years since Jason & I got married...I don't even want to try to think about how long it took me to grow 14 inches as a kid!)

21. I really want a Canon EOS 50D digital SLR camera, but they are like $1300. So it might be a while....

22. I started my first sourdough bread starter today based on this recipe. 

23. My favorite pajama's are "old man button-up" style, but made out of fleece! They are SO warm! I had a pair 3-4 years ago from Gap and at some point I finally had to get rid them  of because they were so worn out. I've been looking every winter and I found some on clearance at Walmart this year for $6. I was SO SO excited! They are a little big as the smallest size they had was a women's small, but I still love them!!

24. Tomorrow I am going to attempt making fried rice. I've had a craving for it the past couple days. After looking at a couple recipes online, it looks pretty easy.

25. I am really loving Beth Moore's Bible study on Esther this semester! Plus I'm having fun attending with my mom now that she's at home full time again!


Ornery's Wife said...

It was fun reading some more about you. I love dishes too, but I don't think I have eleven sets. I'm really partial to clear glass plates and all white, but I do have a couple sets of china--one was my mom's and the other I bought at a garage sale because there are about 18 plates.

~Bren~ said...

All very interesting random facts about you!!!

Mountain Mama said...

Love it! We could be BFF's now that I know all those things about you. Very fun.

Finnigan is very cute. What a fun addition to your home!

twingirlsmom said...

I am starting Esther this Thursday at my church!