Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Year in Review

Life has been going 100 mph to say the least...but isn't it always for us? Jason sat down and looked at this past year's calendar and he concluded that he was out of town for 10 weeks.  Gees that's alot. Needless to say we make our shedule fit us...there are some major perks to owning your own business! I will post more about our Christmas travels when time allows, so for now I'm posting our Christmas letter. Many of you already received it in the mail, but it's still fun to read!



Dear Family & Friends,                            


Christmas time is upon us again, it seems like I just wrote last year’s letter not that long ago! I enjoy looking back in December and remembering the year. We have not changed too much in what we do, where we live or our family this year, but have been plenty active!



Sooter Companies, Inc was off to a great start in the new year,

As it continues to grow, we give up a cheer!

Jason took up welding and racquetball in his “spare” time…

Please bear with me as I rhyme!



Jason and his dad replaced my car’s timing belt,

“Will this bolt ever come off?” is how they felt!

I attended my first Beth Moore Bible study Tuesday mornings at church,

She sure makes you do a lot of research!



We bought a grain mill to begin making our own flour,

For the homemade bread I now make for Jason to devour!

My friend, Marilyn, taught me how to make a quilt for RFKC,

And I am still a member of the Women’s Board at church, Tapestry.



We house-sat for a family of three boys~ soccer, talent shows, and baseball,

They were amazed at how big Jason is and that I am so small!

The first of three weddings in seven weeks we attended,

Plans, bridal showers and parties sure were splendid!



At wedding number two we showed off our finesse,

We sure looked mighty fine in our tux and bridesmaid dress!

We enjoy our new married friends~ cooking, going to ball games and riding bikes,

We are blessed to have such similar likes!



To Texas we traveled for wedding number three,

And a weekend with my extended family!

Our friends took in a 6 week old foster baby in June,

Some days I give her a break from morning till afternoon!




Jason chaperoned the youth group to Mexico to build a house,

I decided 10 days was too long to be away from my spouse!

Our fourth year at Royal Family Kid’s Camp brought a change from years past,

Jason was a counselor for just two boys, he had a blast!



Jason went backpacking in Pecos, New Mexico again with my uncle and cousin,

He quickly discovered his pack was pounds too heavy, by more than a dozen!

We picked apples way high up in a tree, down the ladder I would toss,

We juiced them and made great applesauce!



Jason’s great-aunt passed away, so another trip we made,

I received her box of hand written recipes, so her legacy won’t fade.

In September I started a blog:

It keeps everyone updated on the Sooter home, even my mom!



We went camping for our 2nd anniversary at White Rock Mountain in Arkansas,

We love each other very much~ that would be the conclusion one would draw!

Jason started “the shower that never ends,” it was made of 1100 3”x6” tiles,

At the rate it took, the wall seemed to go on for miles and miles!



On the twenty-second, my sister became Mrs. Collin J. Campbell,

She was a gorgeous bride! On and on about the wedding to Jason I would ramble!

We drove out of town to buy two free-range turkeys from a farm,

We left smiling, each with one under our arm!



Off to Camp Dry Gulch we went,

To ride the Christmas Train with Jason’s brother and parents.

At church, we became d-group leaders for the tenth grade,

Recently we took them to see the Rhema lights, we were quite the brigade!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Love, Jason and Andrea


Love Bears All Things said...

I was over at Eating to Live and saw your master grocery list. I would like to copy it and save it to use if you wouldn't mind. Could you tell me how to fit it to an 8
1/2 X 11 page.
Mama Bear

Mountain Mama said...

Awesome letter! Could you write one for our family Christmas letter, as we have not sent ours yet. Maybe it will be a Happy Valentine's this year.

Have fun in FL. Try to beat my 4 pound weight gain. betcha can't. :)


ps. I just joined Facebook. I know, I know, welcome to the 21st century. I am a little slow to do things. Anywho, look me up - ashley rust zwahlen