Friday, December 26, 2008

We are "The Cousins"

I'm sitting in my Aunt & Uncle's living room in Canyon, TX all by myself right now. A rare occurance  in this household for sure! Christmas Eve there were twenty-one of us gathered in here! 

Vanessa is taking a nap in a back bedroom.
Cousin Michael just left for a date...he is kind enough to share his new Mac Book with all of us who have to check our email and facebook daily!!
Cousin Lee is applying for jobs today.
Jason, Collin and cousins David & Andrew are at a friend's farm doing some landscaping.
Cousin Stephen, his wife Kennah and daughter Charlee are at Kennah's mom's house.
Cousin Robert and wife Sarah are headed to Taos to go skiing (jealous of them!)
Uncle Eric is at work.
Aunt Chris is in Hereford, TX with my parents, and both sets of my grandparents. 

Times sure have changed since we were all kids...four of us are married now only the youngest cousin Andrew isn't old enough to drive. I find it neat though that even through all the different path our lives are taking, we still make time to all get together. We were talking the other day how when we refer to "the cousins" everyone knows who we are talking dad's two girls or his sister Chris' six boys. 

We live six hours apart, yet I know very few people who ~some who even live in the same town together~ are as close to their cousins as we are! I was commenting on that to my Aunt Chris at Vanessa's wedding and Vanessa popped into the conversation and said, "It's because we were raised in similar homes with similar values." So true.  We are also close in age. Steve & I are 4 months apart, Vanessa & Robert are six weeks apart. We never had a brother, so going to "the cousins" house was as close as we got! I was really glad that Jason fit right in when he came along! He says, "Your cousin's family is my ideal family. Six boys! And they are all active guys, not much video gaming going on there!" He and David worked on fixing David's table saw this morning! 

I don't really know where I was going with this blog. Thinking aloud I guess. Grateful for my wonderful extended family. I love spending time down here in TX. The past two years Jason has gone camping with Uncle Eric and several of the boys. I've had a wonderful time connecting with my Aunt Chris, my Granny, and cousin's wives Kennah & Sarah. I am blessed. It is something I really want for me & Vanessa's children to share someday. 

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Mountain Mama said...

Gotta love family! So awesome that you have stayed "close". Sounds like you are having a nice Christmas.

Happy Birthday to Jason!