Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Things that go BUMP in the Night

Not necessarily the sound you want to be woken up by! One night last week we awoke to the sound of a huge crash....Jason woke right up and said, "What was that!" I managed to get the lamp turned on, saw it was this
A laundry basket full of duffel bags had fallen off the top shelf in the closet!

I fell right back asleep, but apparently he laid in bed for a 1/2 hour figuring out what he would do if someone was breaking in...that's what he thought was happening! I'm glad to know I'm safe with him! He is the hardest sleeper ever, so I was surprised he woke right up! I'm usually the one who wakes up multiple times every night (preparing for motherhood maybe?), but it didn't even phase me!

So the next day I came home to find ALL the contents of the top shelves on my bed and the shelves gone! Jason couldn't handle those cheap sagging shelves anymore and just had to fix them! So I am now the proud renter of some extra sturdy shelves in my apartment closet! You're an amazing husband, Jason!!

I think the best part of this whole project...I've had to go through everything on those shelves and re-evaluate its necessity! Yay for de-cluttering, flylady would be proud of me!


Carol said...

Something about living in an apartment really forces you to prioritize frequently. Funny, you're getting sturdy new shelves in your closet....and I'm rediscovering shelves in the closets Vanessa used to occupy. Those shelves haven't seen the light of day in a long, long time. I wonder if she'll ever wear her soccer shin guards again?!

Andrea Cherie said...

Oh goodness, you were lacking shelves before Nessa moved out!?

~Bren~ said...

Hey, I am proud of you...decluttering is ALWAYS good!!!
Oh, and as a mother of grown can NEVER have enough shelves!!!!

Mountain Mama said...

Hilarious! Nice to know Jason is all about protecting you :)