Tuesday, December 2, 2008

a picture is worth a thousand words

If you haven't noticed by now....I LOVE pictures~ taking them or being in them!

I started taking a lot of pictures when I was 13. I started because my parents had hardly any photos from their teenage years~ I didn't know what they looked like when they were my age, what they were into, who their friends were or anything. About that time my parents 35mm camera broke and they quit taking pictures. I started out buying disposable cameras all the time, my friends soon caught on that "Andrea is always taking pictures!" I don't know how, but I funded all the cameras and the development...and my blossoming scrapbooking habit. I must have babysat a lot! I bought my first "real" camera at K-mart when it was going out of business, my mom went with me the night before my Jr. Prom to buy it. I had a 35 mm camera until New Years 2005. I held off for a while on getting a digital camera until they had gotten a little better in mega-pixels and come down in price. When I had known Jason about a week he went to Best Buy with me to pick out my first digital camera~ a Sony Cybershot 5.1 megapixel. It was a wonderful camera for me, I was in picture taking heaven! About 10 months later my pictures started getting fuzzy (I figured I'd taken 6,000 pictures by then!)...so I took it back to Best Buy and they replaced it! They have a fantastic return policy if you buy the "service plan"! I am now on my 4th digital camera, I think I've had this one the longest! Anywho all that said...I've been itching for a digital SLR camera...they're just a *little* pricey...so it might be a while still...but this is why I want a nicer camera:
I think this one is going to get blown up for our bedroom wall!

Kim has a Canon EOS 40D...I might be just a tad jealous...that's all :)...I might add she is also very good with Photoshop!

I have been the photographer for our church's Royal Family Kid's Camp the last 4 years...oh how I would love to have a better camera! However, if I might brag for a moment, I've had 3 photo's in their national publications....all with my little Sony Cybershot! So I really can't complain, but as Jason would say, "At some point you have to graduate from Black & Decker tools to Dewalt." :)


Mountain Mama said...

More great pics! How fun.

jenifer said...
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~Bren~ said...

I love the picture of you kissing! Great bedroom pic! All your pictures are wonderful...they show all the love you have for each other and no camera can do that!
My camera is AWFUL. If anyone moves a little bit the whole picture is a blur.

Carol said...

I'm not sure if you get more lovely with each kiss...or Jason gets more handsome!

Ornery's Wife said...

Love the pictures. Ornery is quite a camera buff, and has had numerous models through the years. Currently he is lusting after the Nikon D80 with the hopes that he will be able to use some of his SLR lenses with it. The Minolta he has does a fine job, though. I agree that pictures are worth a thousand words, and it has been so fun to remember the past by browsing through the scrapbooks on my shelf!

HJW said...

I love these pictures! And, I know it's from awhile ago, but I saw your post about acorn squash...I love acorn squash! I made it a lot when I was at home in September before Rome.