Sunday, December 21, 2008

On Our Own

We spent Saturday with Jason's family- at his brother's basketball game and celebrating Christmas with them. At the end of the evening we watched my all time favorite "Feature Films for Families" movie - On Our Own.  I don't know what happened to all of mine: Rigaletto, Split Infinity, The Butter Cream Gang I&II....but I've told my mother-in-law she is never allowed to get rid of her copies! They are such great movies and I want my kids to get to watch them at Grandma's some day! I had not seen On Our Own in many years! 

On Our Own is about four kids whose parents have been divorced for several years and then their mother who they live with dies.  The kids are placed in a children's home until they can be placed in foster homes- meaning they will be separated.  They run away to find "Uncle Jack" so they don't have to go into foster care. Meanwhile they steal a car and a bus and food to make it there. 

Jason and I were talking on the way home how it was totally different watching that movie now that we have helped with Royal Family Kids Camp at our church- a camp we do specifically for Tulsa area foster children each summer. Some of the kids who come to camp only get to see their siblings at camp as they do not live together. They are always trying to do everything with their siblings while they are there!  I've heard some of the same lines from the movie said at RFKC. Both of us said we got choked up at different points in the movie, the situation was so real. It was just one more thing that encourages us to foster to adopt- something we both feel a very strong calling towards in our lives together. 


Kara said...

Those movies are amazing. My brothers and I used to laugh and make fun of them when we were kids, but now so much of my outlook on life is influenced by those stories. It's pretty incredible, really. I'm so glad there's someone else who has seen them and appreciates them as much as I do :)

Laurie said...

Hold on, Hold ON! We're on our own! We can make it together.

Those were my favorite movies also!