Saturday, December 13, 2008

Cookie Extravaganza

Today I went over to Jason's grandma Yvonne's house and we had a cookie baking day! Her family has a lot of Norwegian heritage, so most of the cookies we made were Norwegian.

Michelle, me & Aunt Karla icing sugar cookies

Grandma Yvonne & Michelle making rosettes

a finished rosette

pinwheel sprits

Jason's mom, Diane, making sundbakkel dough

Me trying out my new cookie press! What fun that was!


Kara said...

This looks so fun (and delicious)!

Carol said...

Ah yes, I knew all that cookie-baking-passion in our household would prepare you for something! You married into a cookie-baking family. How cool.

Carol said...

FYI I love that photo detail of the blue sprinkled sugar cookie. I set it as my background but had to relent because I kept drooling on my keyboard.

Mountain Mama said...

O.K. Yum.

Probably should post the recipes for those little yummies.

ps I will be posting our sushi ingredients on my blog