Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Catch up

Once again I don't know where last week went...it was very full and busy.

Monday I babysat little guy. My friend had just bought him a little Bumbo chair to sit in! He was so cute in it! I need to figure...if I'm there in the morning to babysit...I might as well plan on being there all day! She and I just get to talking....

Tuesday I don't even remember what I did. I think I stayed home and worked on projects?? My buddy Jessica was supposed to come over in the evening, but whatever she had to go to beforehand went an hour long...so we re-scheduled for this Tuesday.

Wednesday I tried to stay home, but I ended up running errands all day....got most of my Christmas shopping done!! And wrapped!!!! Then I went to Alpha in the evening at church.

Thursday we tried something new. We have a helper now part time so he serviced pop machines with me on Thursday and Friday while Jason continued remodeling work. I have to say, I'm very spoiled that I get to work with my husband often...I missed having that time with him.

On to our helper.

His name is Bryan, he is 17 and an answer to prayer!! Jason has been swamped for a while now, both the remodeling and vending businesses have been busy as ever! That's great! But then I get stuck being the "extra set of hands" and am away from home more than I'd like to be. So we have needed a helper for a while, but really only part time...so where do you find someone who doesn't need to work full time during the day?? Well I've been praying about this situation since September probably. Last week at church Jason sat down after the meet and greet time and was asking me how to spell so and so's last name, he was saving their number in his phone. I just said, "Oh do they need some work done at their house?" "No" he responded, "He wants his son to come work for me, he's back from Montana and needs a job during the day to keep him busy and out of trouble."

Rewind a while back. Bryan was headed down the wrong path last year...so he ended up being sent to a program in March of this year. He's been there for 8 months, he just came home. While he was there he earned his GED. Now he is home, doesn't have to go to school but is only 17 (he will start community college in the spring part time) and needs to stay occupied. Enter Jason and Andrea Enterprises (that's what our pastor thinks we should rename our company to)...we now have part time help! Yipee!! The first week went well, I'm SO excited about this opportunity we have!!

Thursday night we wrapped up work early and drove an hour over to Pryor, OK to the Christmas Train. We met up with Jason's parent's and brother for the evening. It was a lot of fun. If you live in Tulsa and ever do this, I highly recommend going early in the month of December on a Thursday, it wasn't crowded at all! We rode the train, and the horse drawn wagon, ate beef stew and had hot chocolate, looked at the decorating in a cute candy shop (I think I was the only one who really enjoyed that part...me and decorating!), listened to a country western trio sing Christmas carols, we had fun!!

Friday night we finally had dinner with Jef and Laurie....that was like 8 months coming. We've been meaning to get together with them since they got married in April! We went to their cute, cute little house in Broken Arrow and made tacos and fajitas. I made the tortillas of course! We had a lot of fun hanging out with them and getting to know them better as a couple.

Saturday was the annual ladies Christmas brunch at church. It is probably my favorite ladies event all year, I love looking at the different tables that ladies decorate with their Christmas dishes. Mom and I have each done a table the past two years, but I was so worn out by Saturday morning I was very thankful I didn't do one this year!

Saturday afternoon Vanessa and I stained the bed Jason built for she and Collin. I think it is just about all put together in their apartment now. :)

Sunday we had a big family lunch with my family. Dad wanted to get us all together one last time before Nessa and Collin leave for their honeymoon and Grandma and Grandpa go to Florida for the remainder of the winter. Grandma Ross made the best roast and potatoes ever!

Sunday evening Jason and I took our 10th grade D-Group to look at Christmas lights at Rhema...

After d-groups I finished up the baby shower invitations I was making for my cousin's wife, Kennah. Her sister is having her first baby, it will be a big shower as I made 90 invites!! They turned out very cute !!

This morning I went up to church to take the staff Christmas photo...very photogenic bunch!

Jessica came over tonight and we hung out while our husbands played racquetball, it was great to catch up with her! I made a pumpkin pie and sent 1/2 home with her...neither she or Jason like pumpkin pie and I didn't want to make a whole one for me, so I sent the other half with her for Matthew.

The rest of this week should be slow, I am so thankful!

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Danielle said...

Wow girl! You had quite the week! I am so glad you guys got a chance to go to the Christmas Train. You'll enjoy it even more once you have little ones ; )