Saturday, November 8, 2008

Photo Post

Yesterday afternoon I went to go babysit our friend's foster baby. Jason is still working at the house next door....but good news the shower is FINISHED!! Doesn't it look nice with the glass and fixtures installed? I am so proud of my husband for the work he does!!

(3"x6" tumbled marble tiles)

This is a little half wall that makes a toilet area. (1"x1" glass tiles)

Jason came over and babysat with me after he was done tiling for the day.
Little guy is getting so big! Jason enjoyed that he's getting to be more solid and not quite so "fragile."

He was in a happy happy mood last night!

Our friend's had gone to a charity event for the evening. They brought a centerpiece home for us to have! Isn't it beautiful!?

On to other stuff...
I ended up with this quilt from Jason's great-aunt, Athlene. No one could tell me if she made it, but I love it anyway because it is all done by hand! It might not be pretty to the average person, but I think it's gorgeous!

And today's project:
Cleaning up the craft corner...after I do dishes and grocery shop. Hopefully I'll stay motivated to do it and just get it done!

Happy Saturday!


~Bren~ said...

That little guy is SO cute!!!
I love the quilt too..."Tumbling Blocks" is not an easy beginners pattern. Lots of inset pieces...It really is beautiful.
Your hubby is very handy, and DOES do beautiful work. I love that shower!
Good luck with the craft corner...a clean crafting area is an unused crafting area...mine can only stay clean a day!

Danielle said...

Tell J the shower looks amazing! What a beautiful accomplishment. I love it when Tim finishes a project like that and I can document the finished product with photos.

Little "Luke" is getting so big. You and J look like naturals with him ; )