Saturday, November 15, 2008

Week in Review

It's been another full week. I sometimes wonder what life will be like when we have kids. It will be a different kind of busy then, I guess. At that point I will step out of the day to day role I have in our businesses....which kept me in the car A LOT this week. I thought I was going to have a nice week mostly at home during the days, boy was I mistaken!

First I have to start with last SUNDAY:

Happy Birthday, Mom!! Err, slightly belated, ok a lot belated. Her birthday is July 11th. oops. Sunday afternoon we spent working at the shop (Jason's warehouse) and we finished the American flag project mom requested for her birthday this year! One of the bedrooms at their lake house is decorated in an American theme. She saw this in Country Cottage Magazine (top) and wanted us to replicate it (bottom). My mom really enjoys her "replicated" gifts, she did the same thing last Christmas. Thankfully she didn't mind this one took a few months...we like it too though as we get to be creative and save some $$ on gifts.

I spent the whole day running errands. I thought I would be back in 2 hours max. It didn't help that when I went to the OK Tax Commission to get some tax stickers for some vending machines there were 20 people waiting there. Usually it's 2 or 3 people at the most. This was the final week on "Clean Slate '08" (Pay your past taxes by the 14th and have no penalty or interest). I didn't need to do that, but I had to wait with all the other people in there taking advantage of that. I also had to go to the bank, Sam's, Home Depot, our shop, the post office (2x because I forgot something the first trip) and on top of that it rained ALL day. I thank God for his safety as I drove all over town in the rain!

Yay! It didn't rain!! What a blessing as we serviced pop machines together all day.
Here is Jason at the end of the day smashing all the cans we collected for recycling. I set them all up, he smashes. Last time he took a 40 gallon trash can and a half's worth of smashed cans to the metal scrap place we got a whopping $13.50! haha! Oh well at least it was something and something counts!

I watched little guy again to give my friend a break for the day. Although I think she spent as much time talking with me as she did house and yard work while I had the baby!! Oh well! Adult conversation with a girl friend is helpful too! Also, WONDERFUL news!! The little guy is seeing!! And seeing all sorts of stuff!!! Up until this point (he is 6 months) he has only seen on rare occasion, the therapists thought he might end up being blind. He's had a long road as a premature baby with probable drug effects so PRAISE GOD!! His tests also came back negative for Downs Syndrome!! What a week for him!! We are rejoicing in these blessing!!
Here he is in his exersaucer...a new discovery this week!

Another day of errands that took up the whole day.
Dollar Tree
Tax Commission again. This time it took even longer.
Nearby suburb to service a stuffed animal crane.
Pick up a candy machine and deliver it to another location
Then to a further suburb to answer a service call on 2 vending machines there.
Get home at 4pm, finish paperwork and bills for the day.

Thursday evening I had an enjoyable dinner over at my friend Elise's house. I hadn't seen her in a month, so we talked away!

Finally, a day mostly at home :) Except I had to go pick up my wedding ring from the jewelers. I have to stop wearing it when I service vending machines as I completely broke a prong and cracked two others (unknowingly). Thats kinda a bummer. I love my wedding ring~ Jason had me design it. I saw a ring exactly like this on several years before I met Jason and I knew immediately I wanted my wedding ring to look like that!
Jessica is my "wedding ring buddy"...her's is almost identical to mine, I took it as a compliment when she had hers done like that. Mine is on the left. Two sapphires and a diamond in the middle. Both of us are September birthdays, sapphire is our birthstone.

I also got Vanessa's invitations made and in the mail for her personal shower the night before the wedding. I was very pleased at how the invites turned out. :) Her initials are VL, so I played off the Louis Vuitton logo.

And I finally got my craft corner under control! My goal was to get rid of the desk that was there since I could no longer sit at it with the new sofa. Tada!

Later Friday night Jason took me to the dollar theater to see Wall-E again! I really like that movie alot.

I listed my craft desk on and it sold today!! So it is out the middle of my living room now!
Then I went over and helped with moving Vanessa & Collin's belongings into their new apartment. I vacuumed the carpet a couple times. It's new carpet, but new carpet tends to have lots of extra "fluff." Then I gave the bathroom a good scrubbing. I know they have apartments cleaned between tenants...but not very well in my opinion. The best news was that it was not a smoker's apartment previous to them! Mom put shelf paper in all the kitchen cupboards while the guys brought up furniture, then Grandma and I put dishes and small kitchen appliances in the shelves. I took a whole bunch of pictures today while unpacking and moving....and then accidentally deleted them. Bummer. I managed to have only one of Dad & Collin bringing in a desk. :(
Collin & Dad

My teapot I got from Jason's great-aunt Athlene's mom has one just like it, that's why I wanted it.

Now I am enjoying a hot mug of tea while Jason has the front door to our apartment wide open as he replaces the weather stripping. It is just frigid out today! For the past two winters here in this unit cold air has just blown in around our front door. Jason had enough of it and bought some quality weather stripping today. I like that he is handy!

And I'm off to make some *healthy* cookies for tomorrow night. We accepted the role as small group leaders for the 10th grade on Sunday nights at our church. The other couple who was doing it is moving to Texas, tomorrow is our first night and we've got to make a good impression, right?! :)


~Bren~ said...

What a GREAT post! You did have a busy week. I love the tea pot. How could you part with that craft table??? It was wonderful.
I meant to tell you I REALLY liked the CD, but some how it ended up in Charlotte's CD player (with permission) and she is not giving it back!! ;0)

Andrea Cherie said...

I just had no where else to put it! And we are seriously not lacking in surfaces- Jason has several desks stored in his shop already! My crafts always end up on the kitchen table anyways.

Glad you liked the CD, I really like "Sticking with You" and "Hope"!...can't say I'm surprised it ended up with Charlotte!

Danielle said...

I enjoyed reading about your week! Glad to hear the good news about baby "Luke". What a good friend you are to watch him so she can get things done around the house. Sure missed visiting with you today at church. Hope we can catch up soon!

Love you!
p.s. how did d-group go?

Ornery's Wife said...

I also spent Monday running errands in the rain. Brrr! Loved the little star wooden picture you made for Carol. What fun she'll have with that.

I have some questions for you--does your grinder work for grinding nuts like almonds to flour, also? Where did you get it? Is it really loud?

vanessalyons said...

i miss baby ronald! I need to see him soon! and love LOVE the shower invitations - VL!