Sunday, November 30, 2008

Our Family Photos

We spent a wonderful day together yesterday.
We drove 2 hours over to Arkansas where Jason is from and had our pictures taken by Kim Durham. Kim has an amazing gift from God when it comes to photography! She just started taking pictures for other people sometime this year- the early spring maybe? And she has learned SO much in such a short amount of time. She sends out regular emails with photo's she's taken that week and I've had a lot of fun watching her just get better and better! Her sweet husband is even in on the fun now! They both came yesterday and took our pics, Justin thought we were crazy to drive 2 hours just for pictures though! Well the reason we drove 2 hours was two fold. One to take pictures with Kim and...

Back in October when we'd shown ourselves around Jason's grandparents old farm we re-discovered a whole bunch of glass canning jars- many still with food in them (8 or so years later- yuck!) and we wanted to gather up those glass jars for our future. Every time we've been by in the past we were in my car and it was pretty full already, so we purposely took the truck and several large storage tubs this trip. The farm is getting pretty deteriorated and will probably be bulldozed at some point for a subdivision- a group of investors from CA owns it right now. The neighbors came over to see who was on the property, they are supposed to be keeping an eye on things. They were SO excited to see Jason! And they helped us load all the canning jars up, they thought it was great we wanted them! Leon helped Jason load everything up and I sat in the cab of their truck to keep warm with his wife, Peggy. She talked my ear off about Jason's grandparents, she had known them since she was born until they passed away! I listened intently- it makes Jason very sad that I never got to meet those grandparents- so I ate up every word of their family history! She had many memories of Jason too! She said, "I never knew much about his younger sister and brother, but Jason was always here at his grandparents farm! I remember looking out the window and seeing Jason out on the tractor in the fields, he was just a young kid!"

On Thanksgiving, Jason's parents dug out some old family videos to find a specific shot of Jason on the farm. It was Jason giving his mom a tour of several places on the farm- the junk pile and the chicken houses. He was all of maybe 10 or 11 years old and he was in his coveralls- the ones I have now that kinda fit me! He was jumping around on top of the junk pile, showing off his hideout fort and telling us "You can find just about anything in this here junk pile, even antiques! Look here at this antique bottle (holds up a glass jar)!" It was soooo cute! On top of that, he had the most country hick accent! We all got a big laugh out of it!

Jason and I are thinking we need a video camera now. Home movies can be so much fun to watch later!

So after we collected all the jars we could carry (there are still more to be gotten!) We drove back towards Tulsa to Jason's other grandparents for a traditional Mexican meal. Jason's grandpa Lyle from Pennsylvania was here for Thanksgiving, so in addition to Thursday's big meal we got together again so he could have Mexican food like Jason's grandma Yvonne used to make. (Jason's like me, he has 3 sets of grandparents) I made my homemade tortillas with my tortilla press- they were a big hit! I made 4x a normal batch for 17 people and all but two tortillas were gone by the end of the night! We had enchiladas, rice, beans and rice pudding too. It was delicious!

We both really treasured the time spent together yesterday.

Here are some of the pics Kim took of us- I cannot wait to see the rest! She was so kind to just post a couple (ok 17, what a "sneak peek"!) on Facebook last night for me! I was so anxious to see what she did with us! Oh I forgot to mention she took a bunch of our photos at the family farm! One more thing. We found Kim, we'll she found me on myspace a couple of years ago- She and Jason rode the bus together when they were kids! So that's how come someone 2 hours away took our pics! She is going to come to Tulsa in the spring for a whole all my Tulsa friends get your families ready!!

Thanks, Kim & Justin!!! You did an awesome job
with our little "two of us family"!


~Bren~ said...

GORGEOUS pictures!!!!

Mountain Mama said...

Thanks for visiting!

What fabulous pictures. Kim did awesome. And how sweet that you were able to take some at the family farm. They turned out great.

I'll be back.

Ornery's Wife said...

wonderful pictures! I wonder if there are any old jars left on Ornery's grandparents old place. I'll have to ask his sister. I think everything has been scavenged, but maybe...

I wanted to let you know that my sil told me about a place in west Tulsa that has raw milk. Let me know if you want more info. Sounds like a mom and pop deal, and milk is cheap!