Wednesday, November 19, 2008

How To: Acorn Squash

Apparently acorn squash is not very popular, at least amongst the people I come in contact with. I LOVE acorn squash. It is one of those foods, like chili, that is sooo good in the winter! I had one girlfriend ask me "What is that green thing on your table?" So here is your cooking lesson for the day :)

1. Start with an acorn squash, preferably organic. Click here for the nutrition facts.

Here is the whole thing. They keep for a long time. Sometime this fall I didn't get around to eating one for a while, like a month maybe since I'd bought it at the grocery store. It had turned completely orange (like the spot on this one) but I went ahead and prepared it like normal and it was just fine! I leave mine out on the kitchen table when I bring them home, not refrigerated or anything special.

2. Cut it open lengthwise..careful! Very hard to cut!
3. Split it open and scoop out the seeds and fibrous middle. I set my seeds aside in a bowl of water to start washing them off.

4. Place them open side down in a pan with 1/2 inch of water. Next take your knife and poke several slits in the outside of each one (helps release the steam while cooking)
5. Bake for 40 minutes at 350-400F (I'm not the most accurate cook...)
6. Ttransfer to a bowl...careful, very hot...turning open side up before placing in bowl. I eat it right out of the skin most times, other times I just scoop the soft yellow part out into a bowl. Add a little butter, honey and walnuts. When I was a kid we always ate them with butter and brown sugar like a sweet potato. Jason just eats them with butter and says it tastes like his Grandma's creamed corn.
7. I like homemade baked pumpkin seeds and recently I thought I'd try baking the seeds out of an acorn squash...they look just alike! So I wash them off, put them on a slightly greased pizza sheet and sprinkle with salt. I think the little holes in the botton of my pizza pan helps cook the seeds. Bake at 200-250F for 40 minutes until crisp. Great snack!

The end. :)


vanessalyons said...

SO good!! yum

LB said...

what I am curious about is spaghetti squash. That may be my next adventure :)

Just another SAHM said...

I'm the only one here that will eat squas - they just do not know what they are missing.
I make acorn the exact same way you is SO good!

Mmmm Spaghetti squash...very yummy with butter & grated parm. Darn in, now I'm going to have to buy one! lol

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