Friday, November 7, 2008


This week has been a swirl of lists and to do's!

Monday and Tuesday I stayed home and worked through 1,001 things I needed to do.
I cleaned the whole apartment top to bottom. Clean like scrubbing floors, vacuuming and dusting. It generally stays pretty picked up and neat, but every week or two I have to have a good ole fashioned cleaning in there. I'm head of the cookbook committee at church, so that's taken some effort in there. I'm grateful my women's ministry leader, Donna, is patient with me. Plus Vanessa's wedding is in FIFTEEN days! I'm working working working on getting maps, lodging arrangements and schedules in the mail to all our out of town guest, hopefully by tomorrow!

Then Tuesday after I got out and voted I had lunch with this sweet girlfriend. What a nice slow lunch we had over at her parents house during her lunch hour! (She had an extra 1/2 hour for lunch that day since it was election day!)

We recently started "phase 1" again on the Maker's Diet. That has taken a lot of prep work too. You certainly have to be conscientious to eat healthy. I spent all Sunday evening making what we call "snack packs" ...just little tupeprwares with veggies already pre cut and separated. Plus it's taken extra thought to make sure we have dinner ready for each evening, no getting tired at the end of a long day and going out to eat!
"Snack Packs" for lunches
Chopped up veggies for omelets, soups, etc.

Tuesday evening I went to Sam's and bought all the snacks I needed to replenish my supply for our snack machines. Then I loaded up my car at our shop. I do this once every two weeks. We have 10 snack vending machines all over town and that is part of my "part time" work. I prefer to do that the night before than the morning of. So Wednesday I got in my car at 7:30 am and just started servicing instead of having to go to Sam's and load up that morning. It's amazing how much faster the day goes if I take an hour out of the day before and do the prep work!
All the chips in my Better Bags!

Thursday we serviced pop machines together. We didn't get all the way finished so we will have about 8 more places to do on Monday or Tuesday. Jason had to get back over to a remodeling job today, and I have to go babysit at 4 for our friend's foster baby too. :) I'm excited to see the little guy! I am so thankful for the flexibility God's given us in our businesses!!

Last week I bought 2 new CD's (which is out of the norm for me!). One was Addison Road, which I ended up mailing to Bren. The other was my favorite band right now, HillsongUnited. It has two CD's which is even better! I already knew most of the songs on the Hillsong CD, so it's been great to listen to in the car. I listened to it almost all day Wednesday as I serviced snack machines. (I drove 140 miles that day!) One song, even though I've heard it a hundred times, really spoke to me as I was driving. I put it on repeat for quite a while. It's called "From the Inside Out." The chorus goes like this:

Everlasting, Your light will shine when all else fades
Never ending, Your glory goes beyond all fame
In my heart, in my soul, Lord I give you control
Consume me from the inside out Lord

Let justice and praise become my embrace
To love You from the inside out

Wednesday I was pondering the election results, listening to bits and pieces of people's responses on Air1 and other radio stations. Then I really listened to the lyrics of this song. Wow. When I was irritated about about having a socialist president... He is everlasting. His glory goes beyond all fame of this man! I give you control, God! I want to be consumed by my Lord!

If you are ever looking for a great praise and worship CD, Hillsong is the way to go! I told Jason last week, they are my favorite praise band because ALL theirs songs are "I" singing to God, not "we" or "us"....."I" just makes it so much more personal!

One more thing....That shower with SO many tiles, is done!
I always help with the grouting of tile projects, an extra set of hands always helps Jason out!


LB said...

I sure enjoyed our Tuesday lunch! My mom is gone every Tuesday, so we should do it more often!

I love Hillsong, too! They have been my worship favorites since it was just Hillsong Australia! I got very choked up when Collin introduced "From the Inside Out" to our church for the first time. You have a very anointed brother-in-law. I'm so excited for their big day coming up!

Ornery's Wife said...

Wow! That was a busy week! The shower looks awesome, but I would love to get rid of all my little tiles and put in a solid sheet--no grout to keep clean!

Andrea Cherie said...

agreed about the grout. I cleaned houses in college...grout is impossible to keep clean. That's what their decorator in three years if the grout is gross it's her doing! Jason sealed it like 6 times though!

~Bren~ said...

I just borrowed The Makers Diet book form Winona. I am anxious to read it.
Thanks for the birthday wishes. Here is a link for the electric broom. There is even a video.