Sunday, November 30, 2008

Our Family Photos

We spent a wonderful day together yesterday.
We drove 2 hours over to Arkansas where Jason is from and had our pictures taken by Kim Durham. Kim has an amazing gift from God when it comes to photography! She just started taking pictures for other people sometime this year- the early spring maybe? And she has learned SO much in such a short amount of time. She sends out regular emails with photo's she's taken that week and I've had a lot of fun watching her just get better and better! Her sweet husband is even in on the fun now! They both came yesterday and took our pics, Justin thought we were crazy to drive 2 hours just for pictures though! Well the reason we drove 2 hours was two fold. One to take pictures with Kim and...

Back in October when we'd shown ourselves around Jason's grandparents old farm we re-discovered a whole bunch of glass canning jars- many still with food in them (8 or so years later- yuck!) and we wanted to gather up those glass jars for our future. Every time we've been by in the past we were in my car and it was pretty full already, so we purposely took the truck and several large storage tubs this trip. The farm is getting pretty deteriorated and will probably be bulldozed at some point for a subdivision- a group of investors from CA owns it right now. The neighbors came over to see who was on the property, they are supposed to be keeping an eye on things. They were SO excited to see Jason! And they helped us load all the canning jars up, they thought it was great we wanted them! Leon helped Jason load everything up and I sat in the cab of their truck to keep warm with his wife, Peggy. She talked my ear off about Jason's grandparents, she had known them since she was born until they passed away! I listened intently- it makes Jason very sad that I never got to meet those grandparents- so I ate up every word of their family history! She had many memories of Jason too! She said, "I never knew much about his younger sister and brother, but Jason was always here at his grandparents farm! I remember looking out the window and seeing Jason out on the tractor in the fields, he was just a young kid!"

On Thanksgiving, Jason's parents dug out some old family videos to find a specific shot of Jason on the farm. It was Jason giving his mom a tour of several places on the farm- the junk pile and the chicken houses. He was all of maybe 10 or 11 years old and he was in his coveralls- the ones I have now that kinda fit me! He was jumping around on top of the junk pile, showing off his hideout fort and telling us "You can find just about anything in this here junk pile, even antiques! Look here at this antique bottle (holds up a glass jar)!" It was soooo cute! On top of that, he had the most country hick accent! We all got a big laugh out of it!

Jason and I are thinking we need a video camera now. Home movies can be so much fun to watch later!

So after we collected all the jars we could carry (there are still more to be gotten!) We drove back towards Tulsa to Jason's other grandparents for a traditional Mexican meal. Jason's grandpa Lyle from Pennsylvania was here for Thanksgiving, so in addition to Thursday's big meal we got together again so he could have Mexican food like Jason's grandma Yvonne used to make. (Jason's like me, he has 3 sets of grandparents) I made my homemade tortillas with my tortilla press- they were a big hit! I made 4x a normal batch for 17 people and all but two tortillas were gone by the end of the night! We had enchiladas, rice, beans and rice pudding too. It was delicious!

We both really treasured the time spent together yesterday.

Here are some of the pics Kim took of us- I cannot wait to see the rest! She was so kind to just post a couple (ok 17, what a "sneak peek"!) on Facebook last night for me! I was so anxious to see what she did with us! Oh I forgot to mention she took a bunch of our photos at the family farm! One more thing. We found Kim, we'll she found me on myspace a couple of years ago- She and Jason rode the bus together when they were kids! So that's how come someone 2 hours away took our pics! She is going to come to Tulsa in the spring for a whole all my Tulsa friends get your families ready!!

Thanks, Kim & Justin!!! You did an awesome job
with our little "two of us family"!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

O give thanks unto the LORD; call upon his name: make known his deeds among the people.
Psalm105:1 (KJV)

Jason & I have participated in a certain Sunday School class at our church for several semesters....the leader always starts with this verse and we have a time of thanksgiving. Today it is your turn, what is your testimony in the deeds He has done for you?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wedding Snapshots :)

Congratulations, Collin & Vanessa

Friday, November 21, 2008


Vanessa's wedding is almost here!!!!!!

We are counting down hours now! I can't believe it's tomorrow! My little sister will be a wife!! I'm off to go finish gluing fake leaves to sticks!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

How To: Acorn Squash

Apparently acorn squash is not very popular, at least amongst the people I come in contact with. I LOVE acorn squash. It is one of those foods, like chili, that is sooo good in the winter! I had one girlfriend ask me "What is that green thing on your table?" So here is your cooking lesson for the day :)

1. Start with an acorn squash, preferably organic. Click here for the nutrition facts.

Here is the whole thing. They keep for a long time. Sometime this fall I didn't get around to eating one for a while, like a month maybe since I'd bought it at the grocery store. It had turned completely orange (like the spot on this one) but I went ahead and prepared it like normal and it was just fine! I leave mine out on the kitchen table when I bring them home, not refrigerated or anything special.

2. Cut it open lengthwise..careful! Very hard to cut!
3. Split it open and scoop out the seeds and fibrous middle. I set my seeds aside in a bowl of water to start washing them off.

4. Place them open side down in a pan with 1/2 inch of water. Next take your knife and poke several slits in the outside of each one (helps release the steam while cooking)
5. Bake for 40 minutes at 350-400F (I'm not the most accurate cook...)
6. Ttransfer to a bowl...careful, very hot...turning open side up before placing in bowl. I eat it right out of the skin most times, other times I just scoop the soft yellow part out into a bowl. Add a little butter, honey and walnuts. When I was a kid we always ate them with butter and brown sugar like a sweet potato. Jason just eats them with butter and says it tastes like his Grandma's creamed corn.
7. I like homemade baked pumpkin seeds and recently I thought I'd try baking the seeds out of an acorn squash...they look just alike! So I wash them off, put them on a slightly greased pizza sheet and sprinkle with salt. I think the little holes in the botton of my pizza pan helps cook the seeds. Bake at 200-250F for 40 minutes until crisp. Great snack!

The end. :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Wishful Thinking

Well yes, this is not Vanessa. (But I do know Jen from college) I wish I could post Vanessa in her wedding dress at her bridal portraits yesterday, but no can do.

Let me tell you, she is stunning in her wedding gown!! Only 4 more days!!

For now, here is the artist at work: Jesse Reich (he took Jen's picture up there too)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Week in Review

It's been another full week. I sometimes wonder what life will be like when we have kids. It will be a different kind of busy then, I guess. At that point I will step out of the day to day role I have in our businesses....which kept me in the car A LOT this week. I thought I was going to have a nice week mostly at home during the days, boy was I mistaken!

First I have to start with last SUNDAY:

Happy Birthday, Mom!! Err, slightly belated, ok a lot belated. Her birthday is July 11th. oops. Sunday afternoon we spent working at the shop (Jason's warehouse) and we finished the American flag project mom requested for her birthday this year! One of the bedrooms at their lake house is decorated in an American theme. She saw this in Country Cottage Magazine (top) and wanted us to replicate it (bottom). My mom really enjoys her "replicated" gifts, she did the same thing last Christmas. Thankfully she didn't mind this one took a few months...we like it too though as we get to be creative and save some $$ on gifts.

I spent the whole day running errands. I thought I would be back in 2 hours max. It didn't help that when I went to the OK Tax Commission to get some tax stickers for some vending machines there were 20 people waiting there. Usually it's 2 or 3 people at the most. This was the final week on "Clean Slate '08" (Pay your past taxes by the 14th and have no penalty or interest). I didn't need to do that, but I had to wait with all the other people in there taking advantage of that. I also had to go to the bank, Sam's, Home Depot, our shop, the post office (2x because I forgot something the first trip) and on top of that it rained ALL day. I thank God for his safety as I drove all over town in the rain!

Yay! It didn't rain!! What a blessing as we serviced pop machines together all day.
Here is Jason at the end of the day smashing all the cans we collected for recycling. I set them all up, he smashes. Last time he took a 40 gallon trash can and a half's worth of smashed cans to the metal scrap place we got a whopping $13.50! haha! Oh well at least it was something and something counts!

I watched little guy again to give my friend a break for the day. Although I think she spent as much time talking with me as she did house and yard work while I had the baby!! Oh well! Adult conversation with a girl friend is helpful too! Also, WONDERFUL news!! The little guy is seeing!! And seeing all sorts of stuff!!! Up until this point (he is 6 months) he has only seen on rare occasion, the therapists thought he might end up being blind. He's had a long road as a premature baby with probable drug effects so PRAISE GOD!! His tests also came back negative for Downs Syndrome!! What a week for him!! We are rejoicing in these blessing!!
Here he is in his exersaucer...a new discovery this week!

Another day of errands that took up the whole day.
Dollar Tree
Tax Commission again. This time it took even longer.
Nearby suburb to service a stuffed animal crane.
Pick up a candy machine and deliver it to another location
Then to a further suburb to answer a service call on 2 vending machines there.
Get home at 4pm, finish paperwork and bills for the day.

Thursday evening I had an enjoyable dinner over at my friend Elise's house. I hadn't seen her in a month, so we talked away!

Finally, a day mostly at home :) Except I had to go pick up my wedding ring from the jewelers. I have to stop wearing it when I service vending machines as I completely broke a prong and cracked two others (unknowingly). Thats kinda a bummer. I love my wedding ring~ Jason had me design it. I saw a ring exactly like this on several years before I met Jason and I knew immediately I wanted my wedding ring to look like that!
Jessica is my "wedding ring buddy"...her's is almost identical to mine, I took it as a compliment when she had hers done like that. Mine is on the left. Two sapphires and a diamond in the middle. Both of us are September birthdays, sapphire is our birthstone.

I also got Vanessa's invitations made and in the mail for her personal shower the night before the wedding. I was very pleased at how the invites turned out. :) Her initials are VL, so I played off the Louis Vuitton logo.

And I finally got my craft corner under control! My goal was to get rid of the desk that was there since I could no longer sit at it with the new sofa. Tada!

Later Friday night Jason took me to the dollar theater to see Wall-E again! I really like that movie alot.

I listed my craft desk on and it sold today!! So it is out the middle of my living room now!
Then I went over and helped with moving Vanessa & Collin's belongings into their new apartment. I vacuumed the carpet a couple times. It's new carpet, but new carpet tends to have lots of extra "fluff." Then I gave the bathroom a good scrubbing. I know they have apartments cleaned between tenants...but not very well in my opinion. The best news was that it was not a smoker's apartment previous to them! Mom put shelf paper in all the kitchen cupboards while the guys brought up furniture, then Grandma and I put dishes and small kitchen appliances in the shelves. I took a whole bunch of pictures today while unpacking and moving....and then accidentally deleted them. Bummer. I managed to have only one of Dad & Collin bringing in a desk. :(
Collin & Dad

My teapot I got from Jason's great-aunt Athlene's mom has one just like it, that's why I wanted it.

Now I am enjoying a hot mug of tea while Jason has the front door to our apartment wide open as he replaces the weather stripping. It is just frigid out today! For the past two winters here in this unit cold air has just blown in around our front door. Jason had enough of it and bought some quality weather stripping today. I like that he is handy!

And I'm off to make some *healthy* cookies for tomorrow night. We accepted the role as small group leaders for the 10th grade on Sunday nights at our church. The other couple who was doing it is moving to Texas, tomorrow is our first night and we've got to make a good impression, right?! :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Favorite Veteran :)

My Cousin, David, emailed this picture yesterday with this caption:
"Delta Co shamelessly uses the "veteran" card to smooze their way into a photo op"
(Pictured with George Bush Sr.)

David is the one on the far right.
(He is in the ROTC program at Texas A&M now after serving 2 terms in the Army.)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Another Blog!

I've been asked by Bren to be a contributing writer on another blog called "Eating 2 Live"...there are 4 other ladies besides me with different goals/focus on there. Several are working on losing weight, another training for a marathon and I'm writing about what kinds of foods we eat. Go check it out! Have a great day!
Grab Penelope and link her on your sidebar

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Photo Post

Yesterday afternoon I went to go babysit our friend's foster baby. Jason is still working at the house next door....but good news the shower is FINISHED!! Doesn't it look nice with the glass and fixtures installed? I am so proud of my husband for the work he does!!

(3"x6" tumbled marble tiles)

This is a little half wall that makes a toilet area. (1"x1" glass tiles)

Jason came over and babysat with me after he was done tiling for the day.
Little guy is getting so big! Jason enjoyed that he's getting to be more solid and not quite so "fragile."

He was in a happy happy mood last night!

Our friend's had gone to a charity event for the evening. They brought a centerpiece home for us to have! Isn't it beautiful!?

On to other stuff...
I ended up with this quilt from Jason's great-aunt, Athlene. No one could tell me if she made it, but I love it anyway because it is all done by hand! It might not be pretty to the average person, but I think it's gorgeous!

And today's project:
Cleaning up the craft corner...after I do dishes and grocery shop. Hopefully I'll stay motivated to do it and just get it done!

Happy Saturday!

Friday, November 7, 2008


This week has been a swirl of lists and to do's!

Monday and Tuesday I stayed home and worked through 1,001 things I needed to do.
I cleaned the whole apartment top to bottom. Clean like scrubbing floors, vacuuming and dusting. It generally stays pretty picked up and neat, but every week or two I have to have a good ole fashioned cleaning in there. I'm head of the cookbook committee at church, so that's taken some effort in there. I'm grateful my women's ministry leader, Donna, is patient with me. Plus Vanessa's wedding is in FIFTEEN days! I'm working working working on getting maps, lodging arrangements and schedules in the mail to all our out of town guest, hopefully by tomorrow!

Then Tuesday after I got out and voted I had lunch with this sweet girlfriend. What a nice slow lunch we had over at her parents house during her lunch hour! (She had an extra 1/2 hour for lunch that day since it was election day!)

We recently started "phase 1" again on the Maker's Diet. That has taken a lot of prep work too. You certainly have to be conscientious to eat healthy. I spent all Sunday evening making what we call "snack packs" ...just little tupeprwares with veggies already pre cut and separated. Plus it's taken extra thought to make sure we have dinner ready for each evening, no getting tired at the end of a long day and going out to eat!
"Snack Packs" for lunches
Chopped up veggies for omelets, soups, etc.

Tuesday evening I went to Sam's and bought all the snacks I needed to replenish my supply for our snack machines. Then I loaded up my car at our shop. I do this once every two weeks. We have 10 snack vending machines all over town and that is part of my "part time" work. I prefer to do that the night before than the morning of. So Wednesday I got in my car at 7:30 am and just started servicing instead of having to go to Sam's and load up that morning. It's amazing how much faster the day goes if I take an hour out of the day before and do the prep work!
All the chips in my Better Bags!

Thursday we serviced pop machines together. We didn't get all the way finished so we will have about 8 more places to do on Monday or Tuesday. Jason had to get back over to a remodeling job today, and I have to go babysit at 4 for our friend's foster baby too. :) I'm excited to see the little guy! I am so thankful for the flexibility God's given us in our businesses!!

Last week I bought 2 new CD's (which is out of the norm for me!). One was Addison Road, which I ended up mailing to Bren. The other was my favorite band right now, HillsongUnited. It has two CD's which is even better! I already knew most of the songs on the Hillsong CD, so it's been great to listen to in the car. I listened to it almost all day Wednesday as I serviced snack machines. (I drove 140 miles that day!) One song, even though I've heard it a hundred times, really spoke to me as I was driving. I put it on repeat for quite a while. It's called "From the Inside Out." The chorus goes like this:

Everlasting, Your light will shine when all else fades
Never ending, Your glory goes beyond all fame
In my heart, in my soul, Lord I give you control
Consume me from the inside out Lord

Let justice and praise become my embrace
To love You from the inside out

Wednesday I was pondering the election results, listening to bits and pieces of people's responses on Air1 and other radio stations. Then I really listened to the lyrics of this song. Wow. When I was irritated about about having a socialist president... He is everlasting. His glory goes beyond all fame of this man! I give you control, God! I want to be consumed by my Lord!

If you are ever looking for a great praise and worship CD, Hillsong is the way to go! I told Jason last week, they are my favorite praise band because ALL theirs songs are "I" singing to God, not "we" or "us"....."I" just makes it so much more personal!

One more thing....That shower with SO many tiles, is done!
I always help with the grouting of tile projects, an extra set of hands always helps Jason out!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Long Locks

I've been asked a couple times by random people, "Are you going to donate your hair to locks of love?"


As I was washing my long, long hair tonight I was thinking of my Mom when she was in her twenties. She had such long and beautiful hair too!
Check out those fruffy flower girl dresses!

My hair has always been straight as can be!
This picture right here explains why I've let my hair grow the longest it's ever been. I had longer hair in kindergarten, then the last week of school we went to Florida for vacation. Mom thought I would be hot in FL, so she had my hair cut pretty short and it stayed that way until 6th or 7th grade. I've cut it chin length a few times since then and have decided I look best with it longer.

(Jason really likes it long too :)