Sunday, October 5, 2008

Tour of Our Traditional Home (Part I)

We worked a very, very long vending day: 6am-9pm. I'm exhausted, but need some unwind time before bed....So tonight I am using an idea off my "blog topics list." :) This idea comes from another blog I read: Bren, she is a quilter and adoptive mother. (Two things that really catch my interest!)

A Tour of Our Traditional Home- apartment style!
(You already know I love too cook....I love to decorate too!)

Part 1: Kitchen and Living Room

The Dining "Room"
My Mom was so sweet to get me some fall decor for my birthday! Our table came from a local antique shop years ago- it had been the librarian's desk in a nearby small town. My mom used it as her sewing table when I was a little girl.

decor on the other wall in the dining area
(I painted all but the silverware...gotta love garage sales!)

One side of my itty bitty kitchen. Jason even wanted to paint the cabinets, but we figured that would be a little harder to undo than all the painting on the walls when we move out!

The other side of the kitchen...I cannot wait for the day I have a HUGE kitchen designed just the way I want it! However, the lack of counter space has not stopped me from taking on any cooking project! (Yes, the microwave is on top of the fridge. We don't use it too much and I need the counter space!)

Our "new" sofa and my craft corner. Again, someday I will have a whole craft/sewing room!

My desk
My Grandma painted the picture above my desk as a wedding gift!

Jason's desk
The quote above his desk reads, "Keep Moving Forward." It is the theme line from Meet the Robinsons, one of his favorite movies!

Ok...I am ready to go to sleep now, so come back by later for part two!


Jason Sooter said...

I love the Keep Moving forward decorative sign. That was a really good Christmas present. Love You!

~Bren~ said...

You have a talent!!! What a beautiful tour! The wall colors are wonderful, and your home is so eye pleasing, but still comfy!! Your kitchen (we have all had small ones) is perfect! I learned alot from a series called "The Less Than Perfect Kitchen" by a blogger friend. You can find it on her sidebar at
I can't wait for part 2. Posting a tour of your home is like being invited in by a friend!! Thanks for the visit!!!