Thursday, October 9, 2008

To My Mom & Dad

I was thinking about something Vanessa told me tonight- I guess this is public news now: Mom gets to quit her job at the end of the year and be a stay at home wife (mom still too!) again!!!!!!!!!

Three years ago she took a job at Oral Roberts University so that Vanessa and I could have free college tuition. What a sacrifice that was! All my growing up years our mom worked one night a week at the hospital as an RN- so she slept on Mondays while we were at school. As far as I knew my mom was a stay at home mom since her once a week work meant she was never not-available to us. Then in 2000 she came home full time. In 2003 I started college...major expensive. Spring of my sophomore year, God opened a door for my mom to become a secretary at ORU for a friend we go to church with. That was a huge change for our family- my mom had never worked full time. Even though I was in college it was really hard for me, mom wasn't available to me anymore! And now that I'm married and don't work full time I'm really bummed my mom is at work all day every day. Anyways now that Vanessa is pretty much done with school and getting married, neither of us need the tuition benefits anymore. I am SO excited!!
In the spring I can have lunch dates with my mom, she and I can do Tuesday morning Bible study together at church, she can come over or I can go over there during the day, she can focus on her beautiful flower beds again, she can spend a day with her parents if she wants....and I'm sure she has plenty more to add to that list!! Have I told you how excited I am for her to be at home again!?!

So I got to thinking about what awesome parents I have. I love them a whole whole bunch and am very grateful for them! Here are a few reasons why: (I'm a list maker to the core!)
  • First and foremost they taught me to love the Lord- to seek Him and to listen for His still small voice.
  • They love me and Nessa unconditionally...even when we might have made them go crazy a time or two when we were teenagers.
  • They love Jason and Collin a whole bunch too! Someone said to me just yesterday, "Isn't it awesome that you don't have to 'sell' your spouse to your parents, they just love him too!?" Yes, that is awesome!!
  • They taught me self-discipline and self-motivation
  • We have a lot of great memories from around the dinner table
  • I have an appreciation for an old black and white movie- we probably rented every classic movie blockbuster had when we were in middle school and high school. We watched them together every Friday night as a family. Cary Grant is my favorite actor!!
  • We traveled a lot as a family- many cool experiences! (Chicago, Boston, NYC, Seattle, Spokane, San Diego, Naples, Yellowstone, Glacier Nat'l Park are some off the top of my head.) I remember the time we had calamari in San Diego and Dad let Vanessa and I eat the whole plate, say it was yummy and they he told us we were eating fried squid! eww!...but we both like it still, something we probably wouldn't have tried on our own!
  • They were the ones who put a camera in my hands at 6 years old and had me take a picture of them on a hike we were all taking...I think that's when I discovered pictures!
  • They sacrificed a lot for Vanessa and I- 13 years of Christian schooling and 3.5 more years of college each- and not one school loan to any of our names!
  • They taught us how to work out our own problems instead of fixing them for us.
  • Mom taught us the art of making cookies...I don't think our cookie jar was empty very often!
  • They taught us responsibility with money -Example 1: When we were in middle school mom sat us down and said, "Here is what I have budgeted for your activities (camps, lessons, etc) and clothing. Starting now you are going to get this money each month on the 15th. You are now responsible for your own activities and clothing purchases. If you have a big camp or need a winter coat, then you are going to need to save your money for several months." (live within your needs and plan ahead.) Example 2: They taught us to tithe in early elementary school...something that has stuck with me all these years! Example 3: When we turned 16 we had to pay dad $800 for the "use" of his [11 year old] Honda Accord. (you value things more if you had to pay for them)
  • Mom taught us to be resourceful- "A bottle of craft paint goes a long way in making something useful to you!"
  • Mom doesn't do like me, but she might as well! She taught us to declutter once or twice a year- don't hang on to things you don't use! Do laundry once a day and it won't overwhelm you or take all day. "We can do ____, but first thing I have to finish my morning house cleaning chore" Do something once a day, 15-30 minutes, and your house stays clean! Get up early and spend time with the Lord, it starts your day off right!
  • By example: never quit reading/learning!
  • They taught us hard work: just because we were girls we didn't get out of much- lawn mowing, raking leaves, vacuuming the pool, Vanessa has even painted the whole house twice now and I can't tell you how many times I had to paint the shed...seemed like once a year!
  • I asked Jason why he thought I had great parents: "Responsible and involved"
  • They taught us contentment- they were never ones to make a a ruckus about something just because we didn't like it. Vanessa mentioned this too me last year- that she thought mom and dad had exemplified contentment in church going. They are not "church hoppers" which is an easy thing to do in Tulsa, there is a church on every corner!

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~Bren~ said...

Your parents sound wonderful!!
You are in Tulsa??? There are some GOOD churches there! If I could go to any church in the country I would want to go to Jesse Duplantis' church, but would not want to live in New Orleans!