Saturday, November 1, 2008

Six Random Things

1. Post the rules on your blog
2. Write 6 random things about yourself
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4. If you are tagged, just do it, and pass the tag along!

1. I just learned a new trick from friend, Danielle.! I have a little medium sized crockpot that I fill with water, cinnamon and nutmeg. I let it run on high when I am home ~ it humidifies the air and smells wonderful! (She told me to put a pot of water on the stove when I'm home ~ I changed it up a little to fit me, but you get the idea!) Jason came home last Tuesday and thought I was making cinnamon rolls, he was sadly disappointed! oops!

2. I (we) recycle. If we can make space in a 550 sq ft apartment so can you! (That's usually the excuse I hear...if we had more space...)

3. I am currently re-reading The Maker's Diet after Dawn mentioned it last week on her blog. That was the book that started us eating the way we do...almost 2 years ago! We've gotten a little off track and need to be reminded. :)

4. I am going to attempt to make "fried green tomatoes" tomorrow. Jason's mom gave me a bunch of green tomatoes yesterday, it's too bad there's not enough warm weather left for them to ripen on the vine. Jason LOVES a good "tomayo" sandwich! (tomato and mayo)

5. I am particular that my car says very clean. It gets really messy with candy all over the place when I service vending machines at the end of every month. I always vacuum and wash it when I am done with the vending route. I love to wipe down the insides with Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Geranium spray! It smells soooo good!

I make the bed almost every day. The only days I don't is if I leave the house before Jason is awake. On those days I make it as soon as I get home. I dislike getting into a messy bed. A friend of mine also said, "My bed takes up 3/4 of the bedroom, if I don't make it then the whole room is just a mess to me!"

Ok, now I have to tag 6 people!

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