Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Restful Saturday

It has been a very relaxing whatever kind of day. We slept in, Jason actually got up before me- that never happens! Must have been the fact that we got home past midnight Friday, way past my bed time! Jason talked me into going to see the 10:15 showing of Wall-E at the dollar movie. Which by the way was an excellent movie!! Two points about it:
1.) Don't be wasteful, the earth might be covered in trash one day...I think we are on our way there though :(
2.) Work is good for mankind, having too many automated things makes us lazy and extremely unhealthy

So we slept in and then Jason wanted waffles for breakfast. We mixed up the batter, he even beat the egg whites with the mixer! We started out using our George Foreman waffle maker, which I told him didn't work very well for that....he ended up going over to my parents house and borrowing Vanessa's again. We really should get our own waffle maker soon!

After breakfast Jason wanted a haircut. It never fails that he finally gets around to asking me for a haircut the same day or day after I have cleaned the bathroom floor really well. That's just life I guess. :)

He went to the shop for a while and I went over to my parents house and helped Vanessa get started on her thank you cards from both her showers. I wrote addresses on the envelopes and she did the card. She told Collin to lick the envelopes cause neither of us wanted that job, he did about 10 of them and came back and told us he couldn't do anymore that he would get sick. We should've just gotten a wet washcloth...

Jason's good friend Jerry's grandson got married today. We went to the church at 3pm only to get there and everyone was already in the parlor having cake and punch. Apparently we weren't the only ones who missed the announcement that the wedding time was misprinted in the church newsletter. oops! Jason commented...a suit twice in two weeks, that's a rarity!
Jerry & Jason

Then we came back home and took it easy. Jason went through his stack of papers, magazines and catalogs that had accumulated on his desk and I took a nap. He is fast asleep already tonight at 10pm and I am wide awake from my nap! He said he really enjoyed a break from work today, he has been working very long days the past week and a half. His current project is a very nice bathroom remodel - he is tiling the shower and floor. The shower has about 1,500 2"x6" tiles on the wall!
Getting started on the shower wall.

I even helped one day last week, I "buttered" the tiles- meaning I put the thinset on the back

This is where we finished the day I helped, I think it's much farther along now. He is waiting for several specialty pieces to come in still.

I am ready for my first blog giveaway, so keep your eyes open for it in the next few days!!! Also, Part II of the home tour is in the works!

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