Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Reason's Fall is OK

I'm a summer person. I like being warm or even hot for that matter. I really dislike being cold. Jason always says to me, "You're so temperature sensitive!" So this morning I was trying to think of reasons fall was ok after all. :)

  • Having the windows open all the time is nice- fresh air and it cuts down on utilities!
  • The bed is easier to make in the morning since the covers stay more in place while sleeping when it's cool.
  • I start to want hot chocolate, tea and coffee again on a daily basis- I love a nice warm mug of something to drink!
  • Even though I like the summer best, I like the change in seasons here. I like wanting to wear jeans again instead of shorts all the time. Vice versa in the spring!
  • I like decorating for the fall: pumpkins, squash and turning leaves are so pretty!
  • Bible study and quilt group start back up in the fall after a summer break
  • Basketball season- I really enjoy watching bball!!
  • Picking pecans. We were just discussing yesterday how we needed to find a place to pick pecans once they are ready. (that might be a little ways away still)
  • Jason comes home earlier in the evenings since it gets dark sooner
  • Our 2nd anniversary is coming up!! October 14th!

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