Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Andrea's Giveaway!!

Now that Bren's giveaway is over (she had 145 people enter....woah!) and I've finally figured out the email subscription I am ready to do mine! Since this is my first giveaway, it's a simple start, but it is one of my many hobbies that I enjoy!

Decorative File Folders- to help keep you organized in a fashionable way!

Rules are the same as her's: all you have to do is leave a comment! And if you don't have a gmail account, it is real easy to sign up for (I'm not a fan of anonymous comments.) Drawing will be held on Friday, October 31st!


Ornery's Wife said...

Oooh! Those are fabulous! I would love to win.

Ale's Alley said...

They are really nice file folders. I would love to have file folders like that they make it more fun to work with.

Diane said...

Love the folders! And, love your blog!

Jamie Noel said...

Andrea, I always love your projects! These folders are really neat!

Ornery's Wife said...

If you really want lots of entries, join the bloggy giveaway carnival. I posted a link to it so you can go find the details if you want. The first time I joined in I had over 300 comments!

Ornery's Wife said...

Ok, I promise this is my last comment here on this post! :-)
I chose you as one of my seven favorite blogs, so there is an award at Thoughts from Miller Manor for you. You can pass it on to seven of your favorites. I also mentioned your contest, so maybe you'll get lots of comments! :-)

~Bren~ said...

Ooooooooo....organization and beauty!!! I LOVE it!!! Very creative!

Amy said...

I'd love to have these. My visible files on my desk are just so unappealing. Maybe these will spice things up a bit.