Monday, September 15, 2008

My 10 Better Bags

I usually grocery shop at Whole Foods and they have the best reusable bags out of everyone who is selling them now! I LOVE mine and use them ALL the time. I started a list last week and somehow stopped at in preview of tomorrow:

24 uses for a Better Bag:
1. Groceries (obviously!)
2. Organize all the chips in my trunk when I service our snack machines
3. Take dinner to a friend's house- done this 4 x!
4. Carry extra goodies to Kids Camp- plus they fold up into hardly anything to bring them home
5. Carry quilts/sewing box to quilting group
6. Travel bag
7. Overnight bag to the lake house
8. Carry all that "stuff" I have to take to a friend's house for an afternoon
9. Going swimming, carry beach towels, etc
10. Transporting all the apple juice to the freezer at the shop
11. Picking apples!
12. Taking stuffed animals into a place to service one of our stuffed animal cranes
13. Hold toy capsules to service a vending machine
14. Holds wheat that we stopped to pick on the side of the road in Texas
15. Take a picnic dinner to eat by the side of Lake Skiatook
16. Carry our recyclables to the recycling depot
17. Carry DVD's & games to the lake house for a weekend
18. Carry bulk candy when putting out a new candy vending machine
19. Carried home my dinners from a Homemade Gourmet party
20. Keep the mail together in my car when I pick it up from our mail box
21. Bring all my belongings up to our apartment from the car
22. Carry watermelon up from the car
23.Take gifts & party stuff when hosting a shower
24. Encourage others to use them!


LB said...

Happy Birthday!

Melanie said...

i like number 22!

LB said...

I saw a woman using a Better Bag as a diaper bag today!