Thursday, September 4, 2008

Long, Tired Day

Today was "pop day" for Jason and I. We have 36 pop machines in our wide array of vending machines; today we serviced 18 of them. Jason does the muscle work and I have the fun part- collecting the money from each machine!
Funny thing...I took this picture mid July...Jason wore this same thing today!

You might ask, "Why make a label just for Jason Working?" Work might as well be his middle name- he loves work, any kind! Especially the really hard kind, he always likes to brag to me about hauling hay: 800 bales, 4 hours, no driver, just he and Kolt! This pop stuff is nothing! Ok not really, he does end the day pretty exhausted.

My attempt at being prepared for dinner after a long day's work did not pan out this evening. First, I need to go to the grocery store tomorrow so I don't have a lot of food on hand in the fridge. Second, I pulled out of the freezer one of my made ahead enchilada casseroles yesterday- all ready to go in the oven when we got home tonight... oven was not fixed today... went to Fish Daddy's instead. We don't eat out too often, but splitting a plate of fish tacos at Fish Daddy's might be our one weakness! I have also been recently turned on to their house salad with the best dressing I've ever had! Next task: Google recipe for Fish Daddy's Lemon Herb Vinaigrette!


LB said...

We love Fish Daddy's, too! We'll eat their firecracker shrimp any day with that delicious salad. I looked for the recipe but couldn't find it. By the way, be very careful when you search Google. Somehow the words "Daddy's," "dressing," and "lemon" mean something else in some cultures!

Hope your oven gets fixed so the stars can be aligned again soon :)

LB said...

I'm so excited that you have a blog now! I posted a comment but somehow it got deleted!

We love FishDaddy's, too! I googled the lemon vinaigrette recipe and somehow found some naughty sites instead, but no recipe :( Anyway, we should go there sometime and we can introduce you to their firecracker shrimp appetizer, our favorite!

Hope your oven is fixed soon so all is right with the world once again!