Sunday, September 7, 2008

Joe, Cindy, Katie, Lillian, & Celia

I won first place in the 2005 Tulsa People Magazine photography contest in the people category with this photo of Celia. "Melting Curiosity"

Joe, Cindy, Katie, Lillian & Celia. I met them oh ten or so years ago, well not Celia just yet! They came to a missions fundraiser auction at my church as guest of their neighbors. I was in the 8th grade, 14 or so, and we were all encouraged to donate something we could "do" to the auction. So I donated 3 hours of babysitting. Several weeks later I got a call from Cindy telling me they had bought my babysitting and they would love to meet me. I remember she came and picked me up in her red Honda Odyssey, it was the really old style one. (She's had 3 red Odyssey's and 1 blue one now in these 10 years! Her husband Joe says they know him by first name at the Honda dealership!) Anyways her girls were 3 (Lili) and 8 (Katie) at the time. That first night I taught the girls how to make boxes by folding paper a certain way. They have never forgotten that, just last week Lillian asked me if I could show her again how to make one!

Ten years have gone by since I first started babysitting for them. I don't know how many hours I've spent with their girls- but I bet thousands. A few years after meeting them Cindy called me up on a Saturday morning. I was 16 and driving by then.
"Hi Miss Andrea! (she has always called me that!) We have some family in town, the gals want to go garage sale-ing and the guys are going golfing, can you watch the kids today? It's Katie, Lili, two cousins and by the way we've adopted another baby girl, she is about a month old! Have you ever watched a baby before?" "No" "Ok, we'll show you how once you get here"

I have never forgotten that- I was so young and they had so much trust in me! I usually watched the girls 2 days a week during the summers to give Cindy an errand day. That summer I took the girls everywhere- swim lessons, the movies, out to eat- all while Celia was 4-6 months old! I have come to love their girls like they were my little sisters! Katie was even a bridesmaid in our wedding!

As the girls got older, Joe and Cindy started calling me to watch them when they would go out of town. First three day weekends, then 8-10 day trips. Managing a household is a lot of work especially while in college! We've even done that once with Jason since we got married. It's been a year or two since I've watched them for pay, but I still find myself over at their house every now and then just to spend time with them! Katie is 18, Lili is 13 and Celia is 7. It was a little weird to me when Katie came to pick me up and drive me to go see the local production of High School Musical this spring. Lili keeps asking when I'll babysit them again, maybe after Katie goes to college next year and before she can drive.
Lillian, me, Celia & Katie- Spring 2008

All that to say, Cindy, emailed me this week to see if I wanted their living room chair. She told me last winter they were thinking about getting new living room furniture, so I promptly told her to call me before she got rid of anything- it is only 5 years old! And today was the day, she practically gave it all to me! Some will go to help start my sister's apartment once she and Collin are married in November- I didn't have room for it all! And she only offered me the chair in the email!

We've had a brown couch that Jason had given away twice already. I've never cared for it, but it made its way back to him when we got married. So it went back to his sister again today!

Check out my "new" furniture that actually matches my decor!!!

I've been saving this corner of our bedroom for a reading chair! (See, it's my "Andrea" corner!)

*Big Thanks to Collin who helped Jason get it all upstairs and thru the apartment door!*


vanessalyons said...

The new couch is a big improvement, it matches perfectly!

Andrea Cherie said...

Thanks Nessa!