Saturday, September 13, 2008

I Have Been Blessed

I have been blessed with many wonderful friends...I want to highlight just the ones I've been in contact with this week alone. Yesterday I was thinking about the time I've gotten to spend with each of them and got to thinking how many in one week it was! I have been blessed!

I was looking on the internet for a cool "friend" quote to put in this post, but didn't really find one I wanted to use. I got out this cool little book I have, " Promises from God for Today." I got it last fall at Mardel's for all of $2 I think- awesome book to have on hand! It just has a list of topics in the front in alphabetical order. Once you go to the topic in the book it has a list of scriptures pertaining to that subject. A great little book when you are trying to think of or look for a verse about anything. So here I am looking up "friendship" and I noticed that "forgiveness" is the topic right before it. How fitting. Forgiveness and friendship sure have to go hand in hand for things to work!

Ah, I like this one the best. It has a really personal meaning to me. :)

"And the scripture was fulfilled that says 'Abraham believed God and it was credited to him as righteousness,' and he was called God's friend." James 2:23

I will leave this friend anonymous, for this to remain special to me. Several years back I was spending time with a gal getting to know her better and I remember another one of her friends coming over to her house and she introduced me, "So and so, this is my friend, Andrea." That struck me as the first time she had called me her friend. The following week I was at a church function and we were singing that well known song that goes, "I am a friend of God, He calls me friend" and it struck me again. He calls me friend! I knew how special it was the first time that gal had called me friend, and now my God, my Savior...He calls me friend! WOW! It was definitely one of those "ah ha" moments, and I still marvel every time I sing that song. He calls me friend!

Ok, back to my post about my many blessings! These are roughly in order that I have seen them this week. It really just blows me away that I have so many people in my life I call my friend, and of all generations!!

Tanya- She and I met almost four years ago when Jason went door to door looking for remodeling work. She and her husband have become wonderful friends of ours! We enjoy a dinner at home with them and then going to a ball game or an outdoors event of sorts. If we lived closer together we would most certainly be work-out buddies!

Danielle- I met her 5 years ago this fall. Her family goes to church with us and someone recommended me as a babysitter to her my freshman year of college. Somewhere in there we went from me just babysitting to really good friends! I would always be at their house at least an hour after they came home from a date, just talking! I love her decorating style, it's probably where I get a lot of my inspiration! Her husband is a home builder so he and Jason get along very well too!

Marilyn- I took my sewing machine over to her house on Tuesday afternoon. It was acting up and I'm pretty new at this sewing stuff. She fixed the problem in less than 5 minutes! We sat and had coffee and biscotti just chatting for a while. It was her birthday on Tuesday too! I can remember that, one week before mine! She is in my Bible study at church, the leader of our quilting group and VERY domestic! Great cook!

Jessica- We met four summers ago working at Kanakuk Kamps in Branson, MO. Hit it off, very much alike in personality and interests! Her husband, Matthew, and Jason play racquetball every Tuesday night, so we try to get together about every other Tuesday during that same time and do stuff. This week we walked on Riverside. I have been known to convince her to help me with massive pancake making /freezing efforts! ( last time we made 128 pancakes in one evening!)

Donna- She is my pastor's wife- very domestic as well! I would consider her a mentor in my life for sure! She is the one who let me borrow her old sewing machine to use. We serve on the women's board at church and participate in Bible study and quilting together too! Jason really likes spending time with her husband, Greg too- talking engineering, Christianity, biking, etc. We had dinner at their house last night for home fellowship.

My Mom- :) I got to spend this rainy Saturday running errands and hanging out at their house! She listens well to all I have to say, and if I ever have a question or doubt, "Have you prayed about it?" She always brings me back to where I should be! "Don't over look the most obvious step!"

My Sister, Vanessa- We made cheesecake together this morning! I have only one sibling and I love her dearly! We've spent a lot of time this summer planning she and Collin's wedding. I am so excited for her to join the married club soon!

Laurie- haven't exactly seen her this week, but she sure is a major encourager of my blog! So I have to return the favor! She just joined the married club this spring and I'm enjoying hearing about her "undomestic-ness" ;) She's fooling herself- she is plenty domestic and really learning to love cooking!

Last but not least- my best friend ever- Jason! I love you, Sweetheart! I am so happy to be spending life with him!

If I missed anyone this week, I'm sure I'll do this again soon! I was just in awe at the number of friends I got to spend time with this week and had to blog about! ;)


timdanisprik said...

Just wanted to tell you how equally blessed I am by your friendship. I can recall countless times you and Jason have been amazing friends to Tim and I. WE are blessed to call you guys, friends!!!
Love you girl! Have a WONDERFUL day!!!

Dev said...

Did you watch any Branson shows or do any activities while in Branson?