Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First Post: A Rainy September Day

Well here it first blog!

After some encouragement from this dear friend and another close friend of ours, I'm finally starting a blog. It's been on my mind for a while- they were just what I needed! "Andrea, you do such cool and varied things! Of course you should have a blog!"

The hardest part of all this was picking a name. I finally settled on "Our Traditional Home"
1.) Traditional Home is one of my favorite decorating magazines.
2.) Jason and I are quite a bit more traditional in our ways than the average 20 something. (I will save those reasons for another post!)

...speaking of traditional, my bread was just ruined mid-bake. My oven quite working. Again. Oh the joys of an apartment! (My own oven thermometer read 350 when I put the bread in, but only 225 F when I went to take it out 45 minutes later.) I don't think the maintenance man cared one bit how long bread takes to make, or how frustrating it was to me last time 2 perfectly fine loaves of bread fell and didn't finish baking. Hopefully my oven will get fixed tomorrow.

See how they are sunken in the middle? :(

Two weeks ago I tried to explain to Jose, the maintenance man, what happens to bread when the temperature is not accurate. After the 2nd rise, you put your loaf of bread in at 350 F. If the temperature is correct it begins to bake in its current shape and size. However, if the temperature is less than 350 F the bread continues to rise until it gets too puffy and falls in the middle and never truly bakes. That leaves me with two very doughy loaves of bread that look pretty on on the outside, but don't have any substance on the inside. Sounds to me like what Jesus said about the pharisees, "Now then, you pharisees clean the outside of the cup and dish, but inside you are full of greed and wickedness." (Luke 11:39) Nothing good on the inside.

Bread should read 200 F internally after cooking for 45 minutes, mine did not.

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Mama Lyons said...

Very cool Andrea Cherie. As interests grow and develop it will be fun to see how your entries change.