Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Busy Bees

I'll start off with photos from last Thursday, September 18th, at our church's fall ladies get together- "Steak and Cake." The pastor and church board cook the steak and serve it to all of ladies, very nice! After dinner we take a little time to hear the testimony of 3 women in our congregation. My mom spoke this year, and in my humble opinion...she was awesome!!
Three generations of my family- Mom, me & Grandma

Tapestry (women's ministry board)

We made it a "Pink and Black Affair" The tables were sooooo pretty!!!

Then Friday I made it through that huge list except getting a pan of enchiladas in the freezer for us- I didn't have enough corn tortillas. Plus I need to learn how to make corn tortillas...after all I have a tortilla press! I've gotten really good at whole wheat ones, I guess it's time to branch out! Elise then took me out to dinner for my birthday, we ate sushi! I hadn't seen her in too long, so it was great to catch up and see her new "Psalm 131" tattoo! (note: I personally don't do tattoos) It was cool, I am doing the Beth Moore Bible study on the Psalms of Ascent, and 131 is one of those, can't wait to get to it now!

Saturday I got up way early for a Saturday- 5:45- and got all ready to drive an hour out to my in-laws and then back. I picked up Jason's brother, Kevin (13), and he worked for me for the day. We spent the whole morning cleaning up and organizing Jason's workshop! It was a mess and that was the only free time I was going to have to help get it done for the next few Saturdays...so my spoiled husband came home to a clean shop after his camping trip!

Saturday evening I picked up our friend's foster baby and watched him for the whole night. That gave them a night out/off and a good night's sleep! Actually I was VERY fortunate. The baby slept from 8:30pm-7:30am. He didn't even wake up when I fed him every three hours through the night!! Then the little guy went to church with me Sunday morning. I got lots of "Did I miss you being pregnant??"...you should've seen my daddy holding that baby in church, he's anxious for grand-babies!

Sunday afternoon involved cake and ice cream at Jason's Grandma's for the Sept/Oct family b-days. Very yummy!! I am very excited to spend the Pampered Chef gift card from Jason's parents- I'm still trying to decide what piece of stoneware I want!

Then I drove over to Becca's house to make bierocks...a new learning experience for me!! Very yummy! She has been reading my blog and knows that I really like to cook from it, so she thought I would enjoy cooking with her! How thoughtful!

So....now you know why I haven't blogged for a few days!!

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Ornery's Wife said...

Ale, the girl who lives with us, makes awesome corn tortillas. I'm sure she'd be happy to instruct--at least I think so!