Friday, September 12, 2008

Apples Part II: Juicing

After picking all those apples we had to do something with them!! We borrowed Jason's mom's juicer for a day and got to work! We decided ahead of time we wanted to freeze our juice in 1/2 gallon mason jars- to avoid storing it in plastic. That proved to be a little challenging. I looked everywhere, or so it seemed like it, for 1/2 gallon mason jars! Walmart, Westlake ACE Hardware, and Atwoods were all places I tried. The one day I thought, well lets try Reasor's grocery store. Sure enough they had them! I bought all four boxes they had- giving us a grand total of 24 jars. I had no idea how many we would need, so I figured I should get as many as I could. Good thing! We ended up with 21 half gallons of apple juice!
...then we needed a freezer...we'd been keeping an eye on for one that would be a good size for our juice and getting a side of beef later this fall. We found one, a little smaller than we had hoped for, but it will do for now. Fridgidaire, chest style, 2 years old, $150. Pretty good deal we thought. We'll have to get a bigger one once we buy land and have a garden, but this one will do for now.

Jason had to go help our friends set up for church that Saturday morning, so Vanessa came over and helped me get started with all the apples. And yes, we did all of this in my tiny little apartment kitchen!

All ready to go before Vanessa came over!

Juicing can be very messy, we put down old towels all over the kitchen!

Vanessa & me working away! (and yes, I'm standing on a stool. I'm not any taller than Nessa!) I was washing and juicing. Vanessa was straining the juice through a sieve and then cheesecloth.

Here are the first 5 jars- 21 total! They completely filled the bottom shelf of my fridge till we got the freezer. Also, you can see there is still some "pulp" that makes it through being strained twice. Jason likes the pulp, so he shakes up the jars. I don't so I just pour the juice off the top.

Jason came home a little later and got right in there !

We sorted the apples by size. The ones that fit down the juicer's chute went down. The larger ones we set aside for applesuace and pies!

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