Saturday, September 6, 2008

Apples Part I: Picking

Several weeks ago on a Wednesday morning, we got an email like this from Jason's Aunt Karla:

"Our apple tree has quite a few apples still on it, anyone [in the family] may come and pick as many as you want."

As soon as Jason read the email he called her back and said, "We're coming!"So we grabbed a handful of Better Bags and drove out to their house. One of the perks of owning our own business is setting our own schedule. Want to go pick apples in the middle of the week? Then just make time for it!

We started out with Jason on an eight foot ladder, picking all the way around the tree. His aunt and uncle had already picked what was reachable while standing on the ground.

Then we moved on to the twenty foot extension ladder- I was way up there!

We ended up with six Better Bags of apples!

Stay tuned for what we did with all those apples!


matthew stephens said...

Those Apples are good esp. in an apple pie. :) Welcome to the couple blog club.

LB said...

Speaking from personal experience, your homemade apple sauce and apple juice are phenomenal!

Andrea Cherie said...

Thanks Matthew and Laurie! Glad we could share our bounty with you!